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Our Idea

We focus on provision of ongoing legal services to economic entities. We specialize in the issues concerning corporate law and business law. We know how important it is to create comfort for the safe conduct of business and therefore we offer solutions to provide comprehensive services to our clients. Owing to a wide variety of services in one location, our clients will find legal support provided by specialists in various fields of law and related areas. The basic concept behind Lawbox Firm is to provide a full and comprehensive package of legal services that will ensure the holistic care and protection of our clients’ interests, thus contributing to the implementation of their business goals.

Our team consists of lawyers with many years of experience in provision of services to both Polish and foreign companies. In cooperation with experts representing various fields of Polish and international law, we are able to provide reliable and comprehensive legal services in every project while meeting our clients’ individual expectations.

Our Team

Ph.D. Alicja Olszar


Ms. Olszar manages the department responsible for ongoing legal services provided to entrepreneurs and is responsible for foreign clients.

Alicja has many years of experience in the provision of legal support to companies. She specializes in economic and business law, including the conversion processes of economic entities covering the full range of issues related to a given procedure.

Alicja provides advice and support on commercial law companies and legal aspects of development and negotiation regarding investment agreements. She also has expertise in registration processes of Polish and foreign companies.

In the course of her to-date work, Ala provided legal services herself and supervised the provision of such services as well as registration proceedings for companies that are newly listed on the NewConnect market. Her experience also includes due diligence projects in the event of sale of company shares, sale of enterprises and transformation of commercial law companies.

Alicja is a commercial proxy and a member of the supervisory boards in numerous companies. She graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, University of Wrocław. Currently, Ala is a PhD student in the Chair of Commercial Law, College of Law, Kozminski University in Warsaw.


Mateusz Lewicki

Tax Advisor


He specializes in tax law, in particular in corporate income tax, VAT and international law.

He mainly deals with the preparation of tax opinions, applications for individual interpretations, representing clients in tax proceedings and broadly understood tax advice for the clients of the Law Firm.

He has been providing tax consultancy since 2003. He was entered on the list of tax advisors in 2016 (entry number: 12885). In addition, since 2011, he has been managing a tax consulting office and an accounting office in Wrocław.

He graduated from the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

Patrycja Jurczok



Ms. Jurczok manages the department responsible for the registration of economic entities (commercial law companies, cooperatives, foundations, associations) and supports the company bodies in their daily activities.

Patrycja specializes in the economic law and has extensive experience in setting up commercial law companies, transformation and liquidation processes.

Her thorough knowledge and experience enables her to provide support and advice to entrepreneurs in their everyday businesses activities and when concluding commercial contracts. Patrycja is responsible for developing draft agreements, statutes, regulations as well as other instruments governing economic entities and their bodies.

She has extensive experience in representing clients in proceedings before registry courts. Patrycja graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, University of Wrocław.


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